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Passage North

The finished canvas measures 15" x 23.5" and has been designed using strong Anchor colours, red, black, white and gold. The legs and the faint outline of the wings is done using Kreinik metallic thread, giving a delicate finish to the work.

We recommend Zweigart penelope canvas, 10 holes per inch, also known as 10 count, 19" x 27.5". (This canvas size allows for a 2" border around the work, for stretching and finishing.)

Passage North can also be a cushion, if done on 12 count canvas. The finished canvas size is 12.5" x 19.6" and we recommend Zweigart penelope canvas, 12 holes per inch, also known as 12 count, 16.5" x 24". The pattern sells for $18.00 Cdn

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