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About Us

Ourheirlooms collaborates with visual artists to bring exciting new choice to needlepoint. It also allows a whole new world of art lovers to not only enjoy their art, but to be a part of the creative process.

Ourheirlooms evolved out of a career in technology, combined with a life-long love of needlepoint and knitting. In looking ahead to plan her next career phase, Anne Wilson, owner of Ourheirlooms, began to research available technology that enhanced the world of the creative stitcher. The needlepoint adaptations of art would be the art for her home. Maybe others would be looking for new ways to enjoy art, seeking new choice.

Ourheirlooms is now pleased to introduce the inaugural needlepoint patterns, based on the original art of Rick Beaver, an Ontario artist and naturalist. Over the coming months, we will be including new works based on Rick's work, in addition to needlework designed in conjunction with a number of other visual artists. As you return, you will find a wide range of art - some will depict indigenous traditional legends, through to engaging creatures of nature.

Faribault Wool Mills, one of America's best known woolen mills, produces more than half of the new blankets in the U.S. each year. We have selected their co-ordinating blankets and throws to complement each piece, and have included blanket suggestions with each pattern. You can visit their web site to view and order your matching blanket at:

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