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Moonlight Dancer

The finished canvas measures 15" x 20.5" and has been designed using a range of evening blue Anchor colours to imitate the rich evening sky.

The legs and wing tips are done in crewel weight wool, to compliment the delicate pose of this graceful creature.

We recommend Zweigart penelope canvas, 10 holes per inch, also known as 10 count, 19" x 24.5". (This canvas size allows for a 2" border around the work, for stretching and finishing.)

Moonlight Dancer can also be a cushion, if done on 12 count canvas. The finished canvas size is 12.5" x 17.1" and we recommend Zweigart penelope canvas, 12 holes per inch, also known as 12 count, 16.5" x 21". The pattern sells for $20.00 Cdn

Moonlight Dancer
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